SL – SITE HISTORY? started as an idea for a new “entrepreneurship” back in 1998 and took almost a year and a half to create “into” reality. The whole thing came about when a blend of a website making hobby mixed with a seed business info-website attracted a customer.

A man from Puerto Rico wrote to our BAHIAGRASS information page … CAN I BUY DICHONDRA SEED FROM YOU? – I guess because he could? And who else would he ask back then? There was nothing on our web site at all about dichondra …….. BUT WE SAID – I wasn’t really crazy about being in the seed industry after already 35 years of that??????? But if he wants to buy Dichondra Seeds i guess we will sell Dichondra Seed … and we did just that.

And helped over 60,000,000 (YES 60 MILLION) people with agronomic questions and searches for products and solutions. And provided over 100 MILLION PAGES of helpful content to those same visitors.