So we’re going to talk about 13 ways to success if your company OR even you are fortunate enough to purchase and own and carry on the tradition of SEED EXCELLENCE with the collection of WEB SITES.

WHY ONLY 13? – Hey, its my lucky number / Just happens to be the same day i was born on. But that aside, i’ll try to give you some of my “seed experience on marketing & selling” from the 59 years of involvement. (Well yeah / I started shoveling seeds at 13 years old)….. DON’T WORRY. I made lots of marketing mistakes. Made some just this week in fact! Wasted $1000 on excitement when i ended up not needing it after-all.

My Seed Industry marketing was 36 years of selling to SEED WHOLESALERS and 25 YEARS OF SELLING to actual SEED CUSTOMERS (all users by the way… both professionals and amateurs and yes, occasionally incompetent.