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OUR PREMIUM SEED DOMAIN PORTFOLIO … In business use for over 23 years – NOW FOR SALE. *Domains & Page WordPress Structure without content.*

As of June 2023 no longer sells lawn products. But we are in the process of passing our INTERNET INFORMATION & DOMAINS on to others who can continue to help our seed customers worldwide.

Thank you to the millions of visitors that enjoyed our lawn & garden information pages AND a THANK YOU for supporting us for 23 Years with over 50 Million unique visitors to our family of Lawn & Garden websites. We appreciate the hundreds of thousand of satisfied customers over the years that purchased our quality products during our twenty three years of business…

Right now we are in the process of RE-DESIGNING OUR SITE STRUCTURE & INFORMATION – Hopefully a new owner will soon be creating an even better shopping experience. We are working now to BOTH improve the next version of our company and also WORKING HARD to retire and divest our companies assets to the next generation of the SEED WORLD & Agriculture.

We have 500 high value QUALITY domains names that relate to SEEDS, Lawn & Garden, Wildlife and Agriculture crops including Turf grass. Row Crops & Pastures – All FOR SALE…

In addition to 125 LEGACY MAJOR DOMAINS – We also have 388 supporting domains that will allow the new online version of “” to offer better information… AND sell even more products with the help of our friendly & detailed product information websites.

We do not expect to sell any domains individually. As soon as possible we will provide more information including contact details should you or your company be Interested acquiring this VERY RARE offer of a Digital E-Commerce Company. In the next 30-60 days we will be posting a LOT of details about Seedland, including how any resourceful seed company or garden center can use out Digital Assets & DOMAIN NAMES to greatly increase their viability to make sales world wide.

will be available at SEEDLAND.COM starting February, 2024

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