You will be hard pressed to ever find that “one chance” to own a collection of seed industry domains like these. This site really is a rare & valuable chance to drastically increase the power of the internet for your company – SO FOLLOW CLOSELY HOW UNIQUE THESE DOMAINS ARE…

First the LEGACY domains are PRIME INTERNET NAMES in our Portfolio. They will help bring in NEW visitors.

They are Both Memorable domain words like Fescue.com & GrassSeed.com and the workhorses of bringing traffic to your website. Domains like Lawngrasses.com that produced over 7 million unique visitors while active. And FarmSeed.com. These legacy domains, all specify the “main meaning” of a plant or product or service… and have years of proven Marketing USER drawing power. Their focus also allows search engines to better rank the informational content so your users actually find your content and sites.

Make sure you look over our Google Tracking Analytic Details for examples of how productive LEGACY DOMAINS CAN BE… We have Google Analytics history for some of the 125 Legacy domains with details here. We will explain a little more on future visitor traffic for your new pages in our Create Visitors page ahead. Over 90 million page views occurred in about 15 years to just 20 we tracked of our total of 125 domains. – These domains are waiting now for your company to reactivate (with your content) and attracting and harvesting the customer traffic they will help you create.

Even the SUPPORT Domains provide EXPANDED SPACE for content along with also being easy to remember.

THESE Secondary Focus Domain ones are domains you can fill with seed planting content – Those are Many are catchy marketing domains like PerfectCrops.com or SeedDiseases.com for your potential customers find helpful information and later to return & purchase your products …. There are the start of several more groups of Plants, Chemicals, Field Crop Seeds, Vegetable, AND Agronomic Services, INCLUDING Extensive Marketing domains for major crops….. & even Safety Advice for your customers. Show them love and care too! Your company really can own the internet SEED world with the power this Seed Industry marketing website and domains brings to your company.

SINCE SEEDS COVER USE IN MANY COUNTRIES WITH DIFFERENT LANGUAGES – We have created Support Domains that focus directly on language for your use to connect with your customers. Over a hundred KEY WORDS & DOMAIN NAMES for various key agricultural products! These focus on the major world languages based on population…. including SEED.COM in several major languages. We have even targeted many key domains for the second largest Agricultural producer and user of seeds in the world. CHINA !!

And with over 40 Chinese language domain names in our portfolio … INCLUDING SEED.com in Chinese = Zhǒngzǐ.com 

We also have Spanish for seed.com = Semilla.com And Portuguese for seed.com= Semente.com There are even seed/seeds.com domains in 8 other languages including Russian, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Vietnamese and Danish. Plus many major crop seed words (Like Soybeans or Corn or Rice Seed) in various additional major languages. You can use these to show that your company understands the needs of all of your WORLD WIDE SEED CUSTOMERS, LOCATED IN MANY COUNTRIES !

as Rice, Soybeans, Soya, Wheat, Corn, Maize, Sorghum, Millet, and multiple other crops. Our “PLANT FIELD CROPS” Domains cover quite a number of large acreage farm crops allowing you to focus on what your BIG MONEY volume seed customers need to grow production & increase both your farmer-customer and your profits.

Domains like PlantSoybeans.com will provide unique value to your seed varieties… Plus over 50 other’s are available.

Domains like PlantCotton.com and PlantRice.com will allow you to focus on your major customers PlantAlfalfa.com. PlantMaize.com, PlantWheatSeed.com, and many more… And give needed seed support helpful information and recommendations for almost all major farm crops.

With such a valuable and extensive part of the seed industry, we have over 120 domains that are dedicated to vegetables. All of these Vegetable domains start with the word “PLANT” to allow for customers to easily return to your company who they will soon realize has the most knowledge source on the internet dedicated to farming and SEEDS !

Those Same Plant+crop domains Over 170 domains in total are available for your marketing use for Row, Field & Grain Crops. and pretty much all the major commercial & garden vegetables & seeds and crops. ALLOWING YOUR CUSTOMERS TO KNOW WHERE TO GO FOR NEEDED INFO. And yes they will often purchase what your experts recommend !!!!!

PlantSquash.com, PlantBeans.com, PlantCarrots.com, PlantCelery.com, PlantCucumbers.com, PlantLettuce.com, PlantSunflowers.com, and PlantWatermelon.com and PlantMelons.com

CHECK OUR OUR DIFFERENT VIEWS. And learn how the 500+ domain names that make up our seed website marketing tool – (next item down in menu). It’s also worth looking through the overall different lists to get a greater perspective at how informative with content a developed seed website could be. Especially read our main Seedland Portfolio Brochure. Each will give your a different perspective of the value of this group of internet seed marketing domain names.


Showing how both how varied the legacy domains are and also how structured (and memorable) the Supporting domains are for return customer specific interests. You can also view an alphabetical list in tabular format at this page ALPHABETICAL PORTFOLIO (just in case you have trouble viewing our PDF Document?

This view shows you how the different domains relate to various Farming and seed practices for your business. CATEGORY PORTFOLIO has 6 Sub-Categories including these…

All the MARKETING DOMAINS are pretty much specific in their own manner. With for example being usable for both lawn and pasture uses of seeds and Fescue grasses.

Fertilizer Information is a key & essential crop management – Here you can help your customer to farm more profitably using over 10 different FERTILIZER DOMAINS FOR CROP SUPPORT.

Lots and Lots of AGRONOMIC SUPPORT with Helpful tests and Precision products to increase production on farm production and yield management products and ideas.

While we do focus mainly on SEEDS and their value and use in major crops. We have several CHEMICAL DOMAINS like Nematicides.com, Preemerge.com, Seedfungi.com, and many more directly concerned with products and usage.

PLUS SEVERAL FARM PRODUCT MARKETING domains for chemical & non chemical methods and various products such as Fieldpests.com, ProHerbicides.com, ProInsecticides.com, ProFungicides.com and CropFungicide.com, CropHerbicide.com and CropInsecticide.com — We have right at 38 Domains about Crop Protectant, Plant Growth, Weed and Pest control and Agronomic assistance for your growers on chemical, agronomic farming and various agri-management options for growing crops in modern farm operations.

Over 50 Domain web sites to put the drilled in focus on major seed planting crops worldwide – FIELD CROPS rule the money making for the larger seed companies SO SHOULD MARKETING focus in depth about each crop.

There’s no doubt that VEGETABLE CROPS are key money making / high dollar seed products through out the seed industry – With our domain tool you are sure to cover all the key garden / professional vegetable seeds and provide information content that keeps your customers returning and interested in your specific products.

And is a must see !! list containing a Seed Industry Break-down view of many reasons for owning and implementing the domains this marketing tool provides FOR your company. Everything about the domains we have for sale are in this detailed 17 page Seedland DOMAIN BROCHURE.

#4 SMART PHONE (list)

This is a simple SMART PHONE list of all 513 domains (in PDF format) for viewing more easily the domains on a smart phone. The documents on this web site are often hard to display on a small phone screen and occasionally the PDF’s won’t even open on a Cell phone screen. Please try and look at our information on a full screen monitor if possible.

#5 LEGACY DOMAINS Grand Total of 125 domains.

The LEGACY DOMAIN list is a display of the same domain list you have in the Main Brochure – Just Broke down with some “sweet” additional details & notes about their history, powerful marketing value and how much that still retain incredible power with modern internet usage. 125 Legacy Domains. Most legacy domains are VERY GOOD for internet sites because they were usually registered more than 20 years ago… We have a very valuable selection one company can use to attract visitors to many seed subject areas on the internet.

#6 SUPPORT DOMAINS Grand Total of 388 domains. Reaching a total of over 500+ Domains in this Company.

The SUPPORT DOMAIN list is the major new idea of creating A PERFECT ONLINE SEED DOMAIN COMPANY !! There’s no doubt the 388 Support Domains we added bring a lot of luck (88=LUCKY NUMBER in numerology) and open up a lot of INTERNET SEED MARKETING POWER… 388 Support Domains

How so? By giving focused and individual attention to detail and reasons to buy and plant different varieties and use different products in a MODERN FARMERS goal to find the BEST in Seed Varieties, Profit and Productivity of their crops. THESE MIGHT BE NEW DOMAINS. And not much “name” value. But it is usage (and profit production) of a web page & site….. and not cool names that end up creating the best monetary producting value on the internet. And that applies as much to these new domains names as to long ago registered & rare-pure-name domains.

IF YOU HAVE CHECKED OUT THE SIX-DOMAIN LISTS then its time to learn how this collection of domains and ideas can & will make you & your company a <LOT OF MONEY> If you finished looking that the Domain Lists, then click below on our guide button below … and start exploring the first of our general reasons you need this PORTFOLIO.

RE: MAKE MILLIONS – More about why your company should consider purchasing our incredible marketing tool – Including the Seedland DOMAIN PORTFOLIO & WEBSITE. Plus how you can start using these domains as an internet tool to increase the marketing ability of your company … and make LOTS MORE SALES & HOPEFULLY PROFIT.

Want to out-run your direct competition in Sales Growth? This is the ONE TOOL that can make it happen. Be sure to look at the the NEXT ONE of our multiple reasons toward purchasing our complete Domain Portfolio and powerful internet marketing website…

Starting now with a look at Reason #5MAKE MILLIONS

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