Seedland has 125 High Quality LEGACY Domain Names that have been forefront in the seed industry for over 23 years.

These domains have incredible customer drawing power on their own. Domains like, and can bring customers to a site with the authority of their presence is how you make the customer know that they have found the info, help and guidance they need.

Our Legacy Domains are the work horses of the a SEED E-Commerce structure as they provide both ‘word” variety and key search terms for seed species and varieties.

All the domains below redirect to a specific page assigned to them. At any time that particular domain can become the link to an assigned “page” or to an active “live” website.


Plus adding our web LOGO = for wonderful smiles !!!
Growing a Beautiful

That brings our Legacy group to a total of 125 @ Seed Industry Domains. Most all of these registered over 20 years ago… And that’s the great thing above “domain names” they NEVER stop working even when you’re asleep someone in another country is utilizing them!!!