USING THE EXPERIENCE GAINED.. From 50+ years of working in the seed production, sales and marketing side of the business and with 23 years of developing and running an actual INTERNET (e-commerce) ….. WE ADDED 388 DOMAINS.

These support domains have been added to OUR SEED PORTFOLIO help any one company DOMINATE the internet marketing of SEEDS and associated products.

The original legacy domains resulted in over 60 MILLION visitors to our company (ALL ONLINE VISITORS) and those same customers looked over more than 100 million pages of CONTENT and purchase over 32 Million dollars of SEEDS & PRODUCTS online.

Taking all of that together we asked ourselves just what other CONTENT PAGES & DOMAIN NAMES we could add to the business to enhance allowing Seedland to make a BEST OF THE BEST Seed Industry website.

THE SUPPORT DOMAINS WE ADDED are the culmination of our experience and what we believe will make any companies investment in the internet, GREATLY contribute to their future growth ….


More soon,